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Richard L. Grossman on corporations, democracy and us

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Richard Grossman (1943-2011) was an environmental and economic activist who likened the experience of fish in water to that of Americans going about their daily lives without awareness of the corporate power and culture that permeate our society and government.

We’ve been colonized. We’re a colonized people. We’ve lived in a corporate culture for the last hundred years. We’re surrounded by the icons, and images and propaganda, and how many hundreds of
millions of dollars of constant advertising. It’s affected our ability to think. We censor ourselves all the time. We censor our goals. We censor our tactics and strategies. We don’t demand what
we know we want and what we need. And that’s what we need to begin changing.”
— Richard Grossman, February 1997

“What is the work of people, in this corporate empire?”
Still very relevant to creating a sustainable future!

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